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ICT Education in Private Colleges and Universities

ICT Education in Private Colleges and UniversitiesIt wasn’t that long ago that public colleges and universities were much more affordable than many private colleges and universities. In recent years, however, the cost of education at many public colleges and universities has increased dramatically. Additionally, other cost saving measures have made it more difficult for many students to get the classes they want when they want them in public colleges and universities, causing it to take longer to finish school and reach the workplace.

As a generalization, there is no such thing as a “good school.” What counts is whether there is a “good fit.” Is the student in a place where his or her needs are being optimally met in an environment where he or she thrives and grows.

Don’t rule out private schools as an efficient way to get an advanced ICT degree. Many may be easier to get into, easier to get the classes you want, and even less expensive, given scholarship opportunities.

Some good places to start exploring private colleges with ICT related programs are:

Following are (incomplete) links to information on a few specific ICT related programs at private 4-year colleges and universities in the MPICT region.