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ICT Employment


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Education at Santa Rosa City College


Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), founded in 1918, is the tenth oldest of California’s 110 publicly funded two-year colleges.  The Sonoma County Junior College District encompasses more than 1,600 square miles and operates two campuses: a 100+ acre campus in the heart of Santa Rosa and a 40-acre campus in Petaluma.  SRJC also operates a regional Public Safety Training Center, a 365-acre self-supporting Shone Farm and a Culinary Arts Center.  Each semester classes are offered at more than 70 locations throughout the District by nearly 3,500 faculty and staff.  SRJC offers a strong General Education program for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and more than 175 career skills certificate programs that prepare students for the workforce.  With an enrollment of 36,000 students and an annual headcount of over 53,000, the College attracts students from throughout the state and from more than 40 countries around the world.   SRJC is an NSF ATE MPICT Center Regional Partner. 

SRJC’s Computer Studies Department provides instruction for a diverse group of computer and information technology related disciplines.  The faculty members offer a wide range of certificates and programs for incumbent workers looking to add to their skills sets as well as for those just entering the job market.  Classes include Basics, Office Applications, Web, Graphics and Desktop Publishing, Networking, and Programming.  The traditional Computer Science major allows students whose planned transfer major is Computer Science to earn an Associate Degree while meeting the typical lower division requirements for a Computer Science degree at a four-year institution.

The SRJC CS department is one of the foremost Adobe Certified Training Providers in the country and offers several Adobe certificates.  They provide instruction in graphics and desktop publishing software that meets industry standards.  Classes and completion certificates for Adobe programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash allow students to develop the expertise in these popular applications.  Certificates earned in Adobe applications prepare students for Adobe industry certification exams. 

As a Cisco Regional Networking Academy, SRJC provides instruction in IT Essentials, Networking and Security.   

The General Multimedia Certification will introduce students to the process of designing and producing interactive content for the web and other media. Student will acquire the skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in new media industries as multimedia authors, technicians, artists, programmers and developers.  The Web Content and Web Development Certificates provide students with skills in HTML, CSS, client relations, team building, content analysis, problem solving, and meeting deadlines.  There are a wide variety of options for students to chose from, including: Web Graphic Designer, Graphic Production, ASP Programming, Java Programming, JavaScript Programming, Perl Programming, PHP Programming and Web Project Management.

The Graphic Design Production Fundamentals and Graphic Design certificate programs prepare students to work for a variety of businesses in the local community. Publishers hire them to do advertising design, production, PhotoShop work, layout, and design. Small businesses require data sheets, newsletters, websites, advertising and brochures. Graphic design studios need employees with strong computer backgrounds, good ideation techniques and precise mock-up skills. Many students graduate with the goal of owning their own free-lance businesses. For students interested in an Associate degree, a Graphic Design major is available.

Business ICT needs are met through 15 certificate programs and over 100 credit courses in Business Office Technologies.

The department office is located on the Santa Rosa campus in Maggini Hall.  Call (707) 527-4778 or e-mail us for more information.


ICT training is also available in the Applied Technology Department Geospatial Technology Major (AS) which prepares students for variety of technical positions in many different professions.  Geospatial Technology incorporates new technology with traditional disciplines by mapping and analyzing things that exist and events that happen on earth.  For more information, call (707) 527-4376 or email.


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