MPICT Mission and Goals

MPICT Mission and Goals

MPICTís mission is to coordinate, promote and improve the quality of ICT education, with an emphasis on 2-year colleges, in California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Territories.

MPICTís Major Goals are to:

  1. Continue to develop and sustain collaborations among institutions of higher education, K-12 networks, NSF-funded Centers, and other educational initiatives to leverage, expand, improve, and enhance the regionís ICT education capacity.

  2. Deepen and expand collaboration between education and industry/employers to create a diverse ICT workforce that can meet the economic needs of the region.

  3. Identify regional, national, and global best practices in ICT education and disseminate and encourage implementation of these best practices throughout the region, working towards a harmonization of ICT competencies, skills, and education approaches.

  4. Advocate for the development of core ICT student learning outcomes that serve as a framework for articulated, comprehensive ICT education pathways throughout the region.