MPICT Synchronous Online ICT Education Courses - Spring 2012

MPICT Region ICT Hybrid Courses – Fall 2010The following courses are offered Spring 2012 by instructors in the MPICT region in some variation of a hybrid in-person and synchronous online format.

Students may come in to the physical classroom for a real-time, instructor-led classroom experience. Students may join and interact with the class over the Internet in real-time via any computer, using any browser, at any network connection speed. Online collaboration platforms like CCC Confer (Blackboard Collaborate), Adobe Connect and Cisco Webex are used for that purpose. Students may review archived classes via the Internet. Instructors are available interactively through in-person or online office hours.

These courses may be available to students anywhere:

MPICT hopes to expand the number of synchronous online courses available in the region and improve their systematic availability. If you are a community college faculty member interested in learning more about hybrid course delivery, or if you would like to distribute information about your synchronous online course, offerings through MPICT, please email info@mpict.org.

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